The next day, Derek went to Beacon Hills High School to look for Scott, where he looked pale, sweaty, and generally ill as he stumbled through the halls. In Time of Death - TBA Derek follows up with another question, asking why Deaton is even there, he replies that helping Derek's Family use to be a important part of his life but he's helping Derek because of a promise he made to Talia Hale. But Beta Derek is not matched for the much more powerful Alpha, he is destroyed by Peter, he tells Derek that the entire time he was slowly healing and killing Laura sped up the process. The sound of the late bell caught his enhanced Werewolf hearing off-guard, and he flinched in pain before realizing that the gunshot wound on his arm was bleeding under his leather jacket. In Wolf Moon, Derek caught Scott McCall and Stiles Stilinski in the woods by the Hale House ruins, which caused him to confront them and demand to know why they were trespassing on private property. He then warned Scott about the risks of civilians, or, even worse, Hunters, seeing him transform, before threatening to kill Scott himself if he played in the lacrosse game, as he refused to suffer the repercussions of Scott exposing their kind. Kate bragged that the taser gave off nine-hundred-thousand volts before admitting that while the Argents did cut Laura's body in half to prevent her from healing and reviving, they did not actually kill her. However, when he first came into his powers in adolescence, he had great difficulty learning to control his transformations during full moons, even despite the fact that he was able to maintain control at any other time. November 7, 1988 (32 years old as of 2020) He and Stiles arrive at the Beacon County Sheriff's Station and while Derek distracts the deputy at the front desk, Stiles sneaks into the back. is will and volition are stripped away and his body is used by others for their own ends. Derek tells them that the last time he talked to his sister, she was close to figuring out to things, one of them was Mr. Harris and the second thing is a symbol, the same one on Allison's necklace. Derek along with Erica, Isaac, and Boyd wait outside the McCall House, planning to make their move, he send two of his three betas in to kill Lydia, he hears a lot of noise from inside but when the door is opened, Isaac and Erica are thrown out. Despite having got off on the wrong foot, Derek entered into a romantic relationship with Paige. Werewolf This only became more pronounced after he lost his Alpha abilities, because once the pressure was off of him to lead the town's supernatural community, he was able to relax and mellow out, allowing him to act as a more patient and compassionate mentor to Scott after he ascended to his status as True Alpha, and sharing with him and the rest of the pack members the wisdom he had gained from his years as a born Werewolf. In Magic Bullet, Derek was tracking the Alpha late at night when he noticed fresh blood on the ground, which led him to realize that the Alpha was nearby. In Omega at the graveyard, Derek lifts up a backhoe that's been knocked over onto Isaac Lahey, once removing the machine, he offers Isaac a hand. Family Members You don't want him anyway. The following are powers Derek possessed as an Alpha that he no longer has after giving up his Alpha "spark" and returning to the rank of Beta in Alpha Pact. In the photo strip, note the basketball on his Beacon Hills jersey and his eye glowing blue in the last photo. Back at the Hale House, Peter has a laptop hidden in the staircase. When faced with the threat of the kanima, he is pushed into running aggressive training sessions for his betas in hopes that it might give them a chance to survive. He thought he was supposed to be 19 in Season 1 but was quicky changed to 23, likely because Hoechlin doesn't look remotely 19. Derek hears the alarm goes off and he enters the holding cells just in time to destroy the syringe containing the Wolfsbane. As he prepares for the full moon, Derek is chaining them up, he's putting a modified headband with nails embedded in it on Erica's head because she'll be able to withstand more pain. He went on to explain that six years ago, when he and Laura were at school, the Argent Hunters set their house on fire. Their favorite spot to escape to was an abandoned distillery outside of Beacon Hills. (Unbeknownst to either Derek or Jackson at the time, Derek had accidentally began the Werewolf Memory Manipulation ritual on Jackson, which ultimately transferred some of his memories of the Hale House Fire to him that manifested in Jackson's dreams in the weeks following the incident). Derek was born the middle child of renowned Alpha Talia Hale and her unnamed husband on the outskirts of Beacon Hills, California in the mid-late 1980s. Season 2 cover - Derek's transformed hand holding a strip of pictures of him and Kate. Laura came to Beacon Hills first, after she was sent a photo of a dead deer in the preserve that had a spiral burned into its fur. Marshal, for some time afterward. In Ice Pick, Derek sneaks into Erica Reyes room at Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital to convince her to join his pack but first, he takes her to a more quiet location. When Derek irritably asked her if she had any better ideas, Jennifer urged him to be patient, as she believed Peter would respond if he was given the time to do so. ...Except Derek, who's. He's the cousin of Alec Tate and Malia Tate. Seeing there chance to end this, Derek and Peter stab their claws into Jackson and they lift him off the floor and then drop him. After confirming that Derek would not be dying, Scott insisted that since they helped him, he now needed to leave them alone, but Derek reminded him that he couldn't do that because the Alpha was going to be a problem for all of them. Cora was born the youngest child to Alpha Werewolf Talia Hale and her unnamed partner at some point in the mid-1990s. In A Promise to the Dead - TBA In De-Void - TBA Losing his patience and overwhelmed by the effects of the wolfsbane in his system, Derek accidentally lost control and grabbed Jackson by the back of the neck with his hand, inadvertently piercing his claws into Jackson's spinal cord. Ian Nelson is an American actor who portrays young Derek Hale on Teen Wolf. He reveals that he knows who the kanima is but he just wanted Erica to confirm it. When the Alpha used Scott's stolen phone to text Allison Argent and invite her (and, inadvertently, Jackson Whittemore and Lydia Martin) to the school, the five of them found themselves trapped in the building after hours with the Alpha guarding all of the exits to ensure they wouldn't get away until he was ready. In Fireflies - TBA Hours later, Scott and Stiles bring a seizuring Erica, Derek breaks her arm in order to trigger the healing process and then digs his claws into her arm to get the venom out. In Season 1, Derek is a beta werewolf, in conflict with the Argent family of hunters, a reluctant ally of Scott McCall and Stiles Stilinski, and is searching for an alpha werewolf who murdered his sister, Laura Hale. He begins teaching Scott how to use his other sense, the motive for the killing is down in the basement, once down there, they find a large freezer with bloody scratch marks all over the inside. Though they didn't know it, they'd hid in a Nemeton. After the events of the Deadpool and his surprise development into an Evolved Werewolf, Derek once again left town for a while, where he was presumed to be traveling with his then-lover, Braeden, a mercenary and former U.S. He believes this to be his fault even though in both cases he was a victim of others' manipulations. As the hunters get closer, he and Boyd come from behind the trashcan and take out several of them. In his full wolf form, Derek's fur is completely black, and his eyes are bright blue. Peter found him, they fled and kept themselves safe, following the issued instructions werewolf are taught if they are to come across hunters: "hide and heal". He and Boyd run into Chris Argent along with several other hunter outside the rave, the hunters begin shooting while Derek and Boyd hide behind a trashcan. When Derek asked what he had told the police, Deaton assured him he said nothing, because he knew no more about it than they did. Derek lived in Beacon Hills with his family, a pack of both werewolves and humans, and his mother Talia Hale was the alpha werewolf. Scott is wondering how Peter is alive again but all Derek tells him is that Peter has a way to save Jackson but they tell Derek that Jackson is dead but Peter and Derek know that Gerard Argent did this for a reason. Derek accompanied Scott back to his house, as the new Beta was still out of it due to it only being his second full moon. No sense of humor, poor conversationalist... We'll figure this out in a day or two, he goes back to old-Derek, everyone's happy! Scott goes to the lacrosse field to confront Derek but for him, there's nothing to talk about seeing as Lydia failed the test, he explains that this has to be done because Lydia is killing people. The two wolves got into a battle, with Derek, being the more experienced fighter, dominating Scott throughout most of the fight. He takes Jackson to the Hale House and tells him to go inside, Jackson soon realizes that it was a trap, Derek brought him there to kill him, the wannabe beta pleads for his life saying that he'll shut up about everything. When Scott also accused Derek of killing his sister Laura, Derek angrily informed him that he didn't kill anyone before explaining that his sister went missing, and when he returned to Beacon Hills, he found her cut in half and used as bait to lure him back to town. Derek informs Deaton that they need something effective against the kanima because nothing they've done seems to work, its only weakness it that it can't swim. ("Visionary"). As a born Beta Werewolf in the centuries-old Hale Pack, Derek grew up knowing about the supernatural and embracing his lycanthropy. Sadly, when she realized that Derek truly didn't know who the Alpha was or where he was hiding, she decided he was useless to her and began firing her gun at him, giving him only seconds to dodge the bullets as he ran into the safety of the woods. (Click the images to open the full size versions in a new tab). At some point, the Argent family of hunters came into town, hunting a feral Wolf from a neighboring Pack. Derek eventually overheard Allison and Lydia talking in the adjacent hallway about how Allison and Scott would be hanging out at the Argent House after school and realized his situation was dire enough that he needed to find Scott and get his help as soon as possible. However, Scott isn't convinced that its Lydia but Derek is, it has to be her.Derek even further explains that Scott doesn't know what he's dealing with, according to him, " it happens rarely and it happens for a reason. Derek insisted that if he could teach Scott how to control himself and use his powers, the two of them could stop the Alpha together. Two years after the defeat of the Anuk-ite and temporary win against Monroe's Army, Derek was seen still being an active member of the McCall Pack who was aiding his friends in finding orphaned supernatural creatures like Alec and welcoming them into their ranks. Derek's age is unknown, even to Tyler Hoechlin. Background Checks He forces Scott to watch and he explains that this is what they do, he tries to persuade Scott into joining his pack because they'll need each other, he goes on to say by them killing this Werewolf, its the hunters declaring war. Whitepages people search is the most trusted directory. When Derek spotted the deputy's K-9 partner staring at him, he made his eyes glow bright blue, which only made the dog more agitated and vicious. Derek Hale est un personnage récurrent protagoniste de la série télévisée Teen Wolf. Paige introduced herself. In Heart Monitor, Derek decided to give Scott and impromptu pop quiz on his training to control his lycanthropy by stalking him to the grocery store parking lot and pretending to be the Alpha chasing after him. When Scott retorted that he didn't want it, Derek assured him that he would, stating that the Bite is a gift before insisting that they were now brothers due to their shared lycanthropy. He's also notable for having a black triskelion tattooed between his shoulder blades to remind him that all Werewolves, whether Alphas, Betas, or Omegas, have the potential to rise to one rank or fall to another. Peter tells him about the myth of curing a Werewolf by calling out its christian name, Peter tells Derek that Jackson became a kanima because he never knew his parents, they need to bring Jackson's identity back through his heart and Lydia is the key to Jackson's heart. Unfortunately, since Derek knew there was nothing actually magical about it, it did little to help him, which led Peter to teach him to use anger, rage, and hatred as an anchor to his humanity, a method which ultimately worked, though it wasn't exactly the healthiest coping mechanism. When Derek demanded to know how he knew him, Garrison began apologizing several more times before his heart, which had begun to race, gave out, causing him to die right in front of Derek. Danny sees Derek and wants to know who he is, Stiles introduces him as his cousin Miguel, they noticed blood on his shirt and Stiles tells him to change. Derek opens the body bag to kill Jackson because he believes they are pass saving him but before he can kill Jackson, it shoves its claws into Derek's chest and throws him across the room. I love Derek and if you want to do a story for him, I say go for it. He was prone to threats and anger, and had very little patience for the newly-turned Scott McCall and his teenager-y ways. Derek Hale est interprété par Tyler Hoechlin et sa voix est doublé en français par Stéphane Pouplard. We're predators, not killers" before insisting that they were going to find out why the Alpha was killing so many people. I'm gonna see if you're right.". However, as soon as Scott left, he went straight to the Argent House, where he and Allison were quietly hooking up until Allison's aunt Kate came in and interrupted them, forcing Scott to hide in the closet and then sneak out the window. In 3A, Derek finds himself at war with the Alpha Pack, discovers his long-lost younger sister Cora Hale is alive and reunites with her, but is shattered following the deaths of Erica and Boyd. When Deaton, confused, asked if he could help the young man, Derek asked him about the animal he found with the spiral on its side. In Master Plan, Derek shows up at the boys locker room with Peter to tell Scott and Isaac that they need to talk. After she confessed her love for Derek, Paige then begged him to kill her to get it over with, and though Derek refused at first, he eventually agreed to end her suffering by using his Werewolf strength to snap her spine. In Pack Mentality, Derek was lurking in the Hale House ruins when a Sheriff's deputy pulled up in front of the house in his cruiser, as he had orders to ensure that the house, which was now county property, was vacant. Derek Hale is a werewolf by birth. What Derek didn't realize was that he had killed Paige in the Nemeton's root cellar, spilling her blood onto the roots and inadvertently sacrificing a virgin to the tree. Derek revealed he believed that Deaton was the Alpha and explained that while an Alpha could purposely prevent himself from healing quickly while conscious, he would be unable to do so while knocked out. Biographical Information He's being chased down an alleyway by multiple police cars and the Hunters, he is chased into a building by two dogs, Derek turns around and growls at them, displaying both fangs and glowing blue eyes, the dogs are sent back terrified. DEREK HALE: Derek’s age is hard to pin down especially considering it depends when you believe the Hale fire occurred and how old he was at the time it happened. Before they could fully identify each other, the Hunters caught up with them and shot the Beta through the neck with an arrow. In his teens, Derek was typically carefree, fun-loving, and extroverted among his high school peers. Occupation Once Scott had gotten word that Garrison had succumbed to his wounds, he once again confronted Derek at the Hale House, as he mistakenly believed Derek to be the Werewolf who Scott had remembered mauling Garrison the previous night. Peter thought they should take advantage of the fact that several Alphas were in town meeting with Talia, including Deucalion, Kali, and Ennis, since he knew that Talia wouldn't give Paige the bite without Paige's informed consent. In Season 2 Derek forms a pack biting Isaac Lahey, Erica Reyes, and Vernon Boyd. High School Student (formerly)LandlordAlpha of the Hale Pack (formerly) Derek then goes to his chest and pulls out chains to use on them for the upcoming full moon. Il est un né-loup-garou, second enfant de Talia Hale, petit frère de Laura Hale et grand frère de Cora Hale, neveu de Peter Hale et cousin de Malia Tate. Derek Hale Death Fact Check, Birthday & Age | Dead or Kicking First Film Tyler appeared in the 1999 film Family Tree for his role as Jeff Jo. Scott is surprised to learn that Derek is on Peter's side even after he killed Laura, Derek says that it was a mistake, it happens, he watches as Peter uses memory transference to show Scott all of his memories.

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